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Discover the Secrets of Building an incredible Personal Brand and earn your worth. If you aren’t making money with your personal brand, then you are making mistakes, this guide will show you your mistakes and even better, the solutions. 

Often we’d hear people say the market is saturated
Contrary to popular belief the market isn’t saturated as you think.

Think about it


All sell phones and are making the huge Bucks from the so called “saturated market”

You just have to make your branding intentional and sharp enough to penetrate the porous walls of the market.

Allow me to show you how to do it like a pro.

Is there a secret formula that anyone can apply and get amazing results?

There are proven systems that allow anyone build a profitable personal brand.

But only a small handful of people know this.

It took 17 months mastering it myself, making numerous mistakes until I finally found the right formula.

Sad part is you could be going through the same phase right now? Putting all efforts to grow your brand but it’s just hitting a brick wall.

You’ve heard so much about monetizing your brand online… But it just proves difficult to be real…


let me show you how to get it done speedily and right too.


You see my picture below? that’s me speaking at an international conference weeks back. 


I get these kinds of invites and decide which to accept, my next year is totally booked. 

Here’s me also enjoying my recent trip to Accra, 


I get to travel on my own terms. 
This is also me facilitating for fidelity bank
This is me working with BBC.
Truth is it wasn’t always like this, I was obscure and in a totally dark place. 
Here’s a throw back picture of me just a few years ago

I was in church praying for a turn around in my life.

After dropping out from college three times due to lack of funds to continue. 

Now I was left with no degree, no knowledge and knowing no one.

The future was really bleak. I had resorted to selling water and chips in Lagos, Nigeria 

…until I met my mentor who unveiled the secrets to becoming Valuable and building my personal brand.
It was a long journey but I knew I had to start, it took me several years to master and begin to finally get results. 

And today I’m truly grateful for the life I now have. 
The good news Is I’ve done all the hard work for you. 
You don’t need to spend years to finally start profiting from your personal brand, as in this book I show you all the secrets to get you growing and earning real fast. 
It does not matter where you are or how bad things are or how slow they are, you can 10x your present results.
Allow me to be your Genie to grant your income multiplication wishes 😂
Did I here an abracadabra?


The only resource you need, to brand yourself like a pro, position for the best opportunities and earn 6-7 figures doing what you love.


We live in a time where everyone is selling something; an opinion, an excuse, a product, a voice or themselves. Often we all wander across different paths till we strike gold, for me it was doing all sorts of jobs as shared in my story. The average millennial will try out at-least 15 different types of jobs making us the most agile generation unlike our parents who had a more
linear career, they could work in the same company for 30 years and retire. As Humans, we did what every other species would do, we adapted and we evolved.

In this book I show you powerful concepts that would totally change your status.

✅The major branding mistakes holding you back from making money online

✅The over 10 different systems that you can take leverage to create income from your personal brand.

✅Master how to build a loyal community leveraging on social media, ready to purchase your merchandise.

✅You will learn the powerful strategies to position as an authority in your field.

✅Master how to craft amazing profiles on social media, from linked in to, Instagram, Twitter and more.

✅Are you stuck not knowing what niche to FOCUS on, i take you by the hand and show you all the mental processes involved in selecting and dominating a niche.

✅Gain clarity on the overal vision for your personal brand.

✅Follow time tested principles on creating amazing content that will 10x your brand’s growth as it did mine. From less than 1000 to over 20k on all platforms.

✅The secret tool I use in tracking mentions of my name on the web.

✅Become a pro at networking, leveraging on the VVR method on social media.

I share personal stories on my journey from zero to earning 7 figures and steps I took to achieving certain goals, I share amazing resources, tools and ask important questions to help you gain clarity on how you should build your PROFITABLE personal brand.

If I could do it, trust me you can do it even better.



One billion names are Googled every day.
Only half of the total people searched own their first result, which is the most important.

About 1 in 4 have no positive content at all on the first page for their Google name search.

Even more alarming, 15% have at least one negative result on the first page that damages their reputation.

“No one’s googling me,” you might think but boy are you in for a shocker.

In fact, 80% of employers Google their prospects
before welcoming them into a meeting.
Take it from me, you need to begin early.

Personal branding in 2019 is a lot different from previous years.

Social media has become a powerful tool to leverage on in order to create influence and impact.

You cannot afford to be shy today, next week or ever! I know you are a ‘private person’ but don’t let your privacy or silence steal opportunities from you.

The book contains gems that will ultimately improve your IMPACT, INCOME, and INFLUENCE
With simple strategies and principles to try out today!

Unleash the money generating power hidden in building a personal brand, and never worry about your financial future…

Once you build an incredible brand people will literally stand in line, waiting to hand you their hard earned money.

You would be solving problems and at the same time making bank.

This isn’t one of those sleezy ebooks you buy and never want to read.

This is a road map that shows you exactly where to search, how to search and even better how to position your personal brand for success.

Let’s do a quick math.

Once you follow the simple steps in this guide, you will easily grow your fan base to over 5k across platforms. (you actually don’t need a huge following to start earning)

You create just 1 solid offer (you can easily create 10)

And sell it for as low as N3500…

Let’s target just 2% of your entire following…

That’s selling to a meager 100 persons.

That’s an easy N350k or $1k

Even if you have limited followers there are secret methods you can leverage on to get your offer out there and watch people stumble over one another to send their bucks to you. It’s not jazz, it’s strategy.

To get these results you need to know what you are doing.

In this guide I show you what to create and how to create them.

An extra N350,000 would go along way in positioning your for even much more.

And that’s just 1 offer.

Many times I’ve gotten paid $1k for just one quality offer.

If I knew what you are going to find out In this resource earlier.

My financial future would have been a lot better, way early.

The good thing is you get a shortcut to

Making a solid 6 figure income monthly by doing significantly less WORK than most people.

You will be Amazed at the price of this Resource

Its less than the price for box of pizza.

If you start today and give yourself 30 days

It means you are investing a mere N166 that’s less than (50 cent) per day.

For what would put hundreds of thousands in your pocket

It’s an amazing deal. Trust me.

Imagine all you could do with the extra cash

Imagine the recognition you get for solving problems.

Imagine the invitations to speak across different platforms.

Imagine settling your financial goals one at after the other.

Think about the freedom.

Doing what you love and getting paid for it. I call it Bliss

Here’s what some of the amazing people who have read the book have to say

I never considered how much of myself I put out there could be used to brand me! My eyes have been opened to one misconception after another, and its all thanks to you! Keep it coming Dave



It’s one book you have to read over and over again, it’s a road map.



Best read yet! I mean! very enlightening, I loved the practical resources at the chapter where we monetize our brands.



Hello Dave , I just got started on the book and by page 30 I am seeing my whole life decisions flash before me.
You should have added that a notebook and pen is absolutely necessary reading this resource

The wisdom🙌🏽.
God bless you.



These amazing minds are on their way to building incredible brands, what’s stopping you?

Times are changing and only those with superior knowledge can ride on the wave of that change and maximize it for improved profits.

Markets are saturated, sales are dropping and even worse, economies are declining by the day.

  • Are you stuck in a job and need to earn from a side hustle or earn from your personal brand?
  • Perhaps you don’t even have a job and need to start earning as soon as possible.
  • Or just maybe you need to get better social media reach and create great content for your brand.
  • You’ve heard of personal branding for so long but don’t even know what it means.
  • You want a great network of influential people in your circle but don’t know how to go about it.

If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of these questions, then this resource “How to 10x your Income, impact and influence with your personal brand” is your best bet.

It’s the only book you need to brand yourself like a pro and charge your worth.

You know the feeling of creating something other people can’t wait to have?

You know the feeling of getting the continuous cha-ching in your bank account from something you’ve spent minimal time creating?

This is what I share in very simple and easy to implement ways.

I share extensively steps that I leveraged on to improve my income from 4 figures to 7 figures.

Of course it’s not a get rich quick guide, but it’s a get rich the smart way guide.

Once you follow the principles and steps, you are on your way to a way better financial condition, improved influence and growing impact.


My team and I have spent thousands of hours researching the best practices to growing your brand fast. With these strategies I got my brand from just 990 followers to well over 11000 on Instagram alone, in just a few months, these strategies work and we deliver that on a platter. “How to 10x your Income, impact and influence with your personal brand” is beyond growing followers, it’s about growing an active community of loyal people willing to spread the good news about your brand abroad.

Check out proof of earnings for just a few hours of setting up the offer for one of my many products.

As you’ve seen the value in this book has helped many beyond doubt.

The question is, are YOU next?

Are you ready to invest in You and get 10-100x more results.

This resource could easily go for 100$ and it would still be a great offer

I 100% guarantee that you’d love this book.

Time is of the essence, but before we talk about how much time we’ve got this offer up for.

Guess what, I’ve got a free gift for you, if you make a purchase today and are lucky to be amongst the first lucky 10, you get the Personal branding workbook for FREE!

…You heard me, I’m giving away the workbook worth over $20 N7200 ) for FREE to the fastest fingers.

How much is this BOOK?

It’s for an investment of just $14 ( N5000 ), you heard me, it’s just lunch money, you could easily order a copy for your friends as well, the aim is for us all to be positioned for better opportunities and earn what we truly are worth.

And there’s more; you get access to over 10 of my PODCASTS all for FREE

Offer closes in 24 hours…

Then price revert to $30 N10,500 ) with no bonus. I’m sure you want to maximize the present offer of just $14 ( N5000 ), get it right away!

I have an intense desire to see millennials profit from their personal brands, many already have and YOU my friend are NEXT!

Once again…

Once again here’s what you are getting

1. Book worth $30 ( Super valuable)

2. Work Book worth $20

Here’s what you get in the work book

-A Content planner.
-Detailed Targeting Planner
-Content strategy Guide
-Your Visibility plan.
-Your Brands asset plan
-Building your community plan

3. PODCASTS on very key topics (worth over $100)
A few topics👇🏾

-How To become an authority in your niche.
-What on earth is personal branding.
-Your Pricing could be killing your brand.

4. Access to my private community on whatsap and Facebook. (Worth 100$)

I host free but extremely valuable webinars every now and then,

Webinars you would normally pay thousands to gain access to.

Every one who attends my webinar always has their mind blown

Here are a few testimonials i have from my free webinars

In total it’s over $250 (N90,000) worth of value you are getting instantly.

But the great news is you get these amazing offers now for just $14 (N5000)

This offer is available temporarily, I can change it in the next hour.

The truth is this guide and the workbook plus the access group will bolster your growth.

But hey, I can yank this offer and take the book back to its original price of N10,000 with no extras.

Listen you can’t just watch YouTube videos or google your way to building an amazing personal brand.

You need proven sequential knowledge leading you on.

You can’t fake it and make it.

You need the “How to 10x your Income, impact and influence with your personal brand

This entire resource is birthed form a place of passion and skill and I can’t wait to see the RESULTS you will get.

Click on the BIG RED BUTTON to start right away.

Oh sorry—- I totally forgot —-when you get this resource you will automatically be a part of my 4 part mind map series via email that shows you an incredibly amazing strategy that will make you even some more money in 2020 and beyond.

This email sequence will position you for even more opportunities anywhere in the world.

This is just to further say thank you for making an investment of N5000 to get this entire offer.

I can only hope
You take advantage of the intense work I’ve put into getting this Book (how to 10x your income, influence and impact with your personal brand)
To you.








Let’s help YOU build a killer personal brand, so you can do the work you love and charge your worth.

I can’t wait to read your success story😉

Incase you are one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end, here’s the deal.

You are getting an ebook that’s 140 pages long “ How to 10x your Income, impact and influence with your personal brand

A workbook if you are amongst the first lucky 10

And access to over 10 Podcasts of absolute value.

This book has the secrets your favorite popular personal brands don’t want you to know. I spend an entire chapter 5 showing you how to create amazing digital products to earn passive income.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


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About the author

Who am I:

I’m the shortest distant between where your personal brand is and where it should go next. I’m a Brand strategist for individuals and organizations, helping them optimize for increased profits, impact and influence.

With experiences cutting across different industries in the last decade ranging from media, agriculture and technology. I’ve got the education, experience and expertise to move your brand from where it is, to where you want it to.

Dave the Initiator

Started up the the Bizhub; A community of business and career execs, leveraging on knowledge, network and resources to scale up thier enterprises. Dave organizes sessions where amazing useful and relatable content is shared.

Dave the Founder

Co founded a companyQweek; A growing delivery network poised to make deliveries cheaper, faster and safe.

Dave the Nation builder

Founder of the Sleek intitative; A 21 century movement poised to grow amazing African talents commited to nation building, creativity and sharing the African story.

Dave The Speaker

Speaking across the African continent on branding and personal development, Dave is becoming a highly sought after voice in Africa and beyond.

Dave the Plug

Having worked as an OAP for over 7 years, I’ve mastered the art of communication, which I leverage on to showcase different brands on my platforms. I’ve got a new show coming up- The brand unveil with Dave obada, whilst getting set for my first short film in 2020.

Dave the Podcatser

The ‘BRAND NEW YOU’ podcast launched on all platforms, is what you need to get your day started with motivation, inspiration, interviews and much more.

Brands I’ve worked with

BBC Nigeria, Fidelity bank, House on the Rock, The Leprosy Missions Nigeria, Federal University of Technology Minna, amongst others.

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